Sudsy Dough

Sudsy Dough Moldable Bath Soap

Sudsy Dough moldable bath soap


Sudsy Dough™ is a new interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and a cleansing soap! We created this fun sensory soap to make bath time fun for our daughter who didn't really enjoy time in the tub. Now she asks for a bath every night!

Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make custom-shaped soaps! Sudsy dough shapes will dry to become mini bars of scented soap when left out in open air. Each ball also has a surprise bath toy hidden inside!


  • Doubles as a sensory bath toy and cleansing body wash
  • Moisturizing thanks to Shea butter & coconut oil
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances and colors
  • Mild foaming agent creates suds
  • Paraben-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free
  • Handmade by moms in the USA!


  • Sudsy Dough can be remoisturized if it gets dry by kneading in a few drops of water.
  • Always use caution when entering and exiting the tub.

Sudsy Dough moisturizing soap dough